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Lending Consulting and Loan Packaging

Development of a finance plan and prepare loan packaging for financing and grant proposals. Loan placement to ensure that clients have the best loan terms and management of the entire process through loan closing and funding.

Financing and Development

Specific activities may include the following:

  • Development Conceptualization
  • Assessment of the viability of the development concept
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Acquire property from both governmental and private sources.
  • Presentation to the community and major stakeholders.
  • Identify qualified architects, engineers, contractors, environmental firms, and other professional staff supervision and management.
  • Use appropriate mapping technologies for site and community planning.
  • Financing closing documentation preparation and execution.
  • Ongoing financial management of the project.
  • Prepare RFP for Lender Selection
  • Loan processing and underwriting.
  • Identity Financing Sources and Partners

Our Construction Management

Specific activities may include the following:

  • Review of plans, specifications, permits, violations, energy suggestions, and contracts to enhance quality and lower costs.
  • Manage the Entitlement process.
  • Manage and expedite zoning and construction permit.
  • Manage relationships by attending city, state, and federal project meetings.
  • Prepare solicitation for the project team. Evaluation and selection of Project Team
  • Conduct analysis and negotiation of proposals submitted by contractors, engineers, architects, and other development experts.
  • Assist in negotiating and finalizing contracts with contractors, engineers, and others.
  • Develop a suitable construction timeline and a schedule of values with the contractor.
  • Coordination of all construction activities with the owner’s requirements, with a focus on currently occupied units.
  • On-site inspection of ongoing construction to ensure that specifications are met and the project is completed on time.
  • Conduct regular on-site meetings to discuss issues as they emerge and to assess the contractor’s payment application.
  • Participate in construction draws meetings.
  • Keep track of and report on MBE and WBE requirements and progress at the local, state, and federal levels.
  • Coordinate the activities of public utility firms to guarantee that all utilities are delivered on time.
  • Manage the creation of preliminary construction cost estimates and schematic drawings to determine feasibility.
  • Ensure project completion, prepare for owner handover, develop final punch list, collect all warranties and guarantees, and authorize the final payment. “
  • Management of architectural, engineering, construction, and surveying firms, as well as other specialists such as environmental consulting organizations.
  • Manage and coordinate community engagement, as well as facilitate community meetings.